PRESENT: Mayor Council: Riley Bradham, Frank Thornhill, Henry Holst and Town Clerk Colleen Key


Meeting called to order at 7:00

Other Present: David Dunn and Judy Suggs

No changes to agenda. No time requested.

Mayor motions to approve prior Meeting Minutes. Seconded by Henry Holst. Unanimously approved.


FINANCIAL REPORT as of 10/30/2021 

                                                                             PREVIOUS Ending $                  CURRENT Ending $

Wells Fargo Checking                                               $30.905.75                      $30,571.98

S.C. Local Government Investment Pool              $ $287,580.01                 $287.605.34

NOTE: A virtual $10,000 is held aside for disaster clean up

MAYOR / COUNCIL REPORTS: Road cones are missing again.


  1. Planning:  No one reporting.
  2. BZA:  No one reporting.
  3. Code Enforcement: No one reporting
  4. DRB: No one reporting
  5. WILPC: Henry Holst – Nothing to report

Old Business: 

Mayor submitted required Debt Report. The Town has zero debt.

Planning is working on Comprehensive Plan for the Town. Planning will submit to Council who will then submit to the County

Adams’s home is still in probate.  All inquires are being directed to the attorney handling the estate.

Website has been corrected.  Clerk to update new council members.

Town must pass the County Business License Ordinance by January 1 2022. The mandatory ordinance allows the County to extend the timeline for a business license and the taxes owed on them. Mayor motions that the Town adopt the proposed County Business License Ordinance. Seconded by Henry Holst.  Clerk to run ad.

Town owes the Church for rent for use of the facility. Clerk to review prior payments.

Goats and chickens are currently prohibited in the Town. Presently several residents own chickens.  Mayor suggests that Council amend section 3.102 of the Code. Possibly allow goats, chickens horses, mini pigs, etc. Council to specify a list and discuss at next meeting.

New Business:

Swearing in of new Council Members David Dunn and Judy Suggs. Clerk reads oath and members repeat oath, making their appointments official.

Mayor motions to nominate Henry Holst for Mayor Pro tempore. Seconded by Frank Thornhill. Unanimously approved.

Check owed to CDH Tree Services.

Sea Island Yacht Club Rd. and Maybank Hwy sign is being fabricated. Judy Suggs mentions that Rockland sign is missing. Henry Holst to order Rockland and Maybank sign also.

Board nominees are pending. Mayor to host Executive session to discuss how to structure boards. Other topics to be included are the potential development of Cherry Point Rd. property which is adjacent to the town demarcation line.

Scheduling Order:

Council must complete training. Mayor suggests a group training meeting.

Mayor motioned to adjourn at 7:35. Seconded by Frank Thornhill.

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