PRESENT: Mayor Council: Riley Bradham, Zach Nelson, Henry Holst, Frank Thornhill and Town Clerk Colleen Key

ABSENT: Allen Holmes

Meeting called to order, with Pledge, at 7:05

Mayor reviewed previous meetings Minutes, motioned to pass. Zach Nelson seconded 


FINANCIAL REPORT as of 1/31/2019

                                                                             PREVIOUS Ending $                            CURRENT Ending $

Wells Fargo Checking                                               $ 35,844.82                          $ 41,193.77

S.C. Local Government Investment Pool               $234,727.34                        $235,248.58                



  1. DRB absent. No one reporting.
  2. Planning absent.  No one reporting.
  3. BZA absent.  No one reporting.
  4. WLPC: Henry Holst represented Wadmalaw Land Planning Committee. A March 16 get together at the Community Center with the Plantation Singers, Potluck and $15 donation is planned. Noon to 3pm.

Two Plats submitted for survey (both on Bears Bluff Rd). There has not been a schedule planned for mining/Dawson issue. WLPC will be submitting second letter regarding mining specifically stating that WLPC does not approve. The Marshland litigation hearing, as of this meeting, is not planned to be a public hearing.  WLPC has sent correspondence requesting the hearing to be made public. Hearing planned on Johns Island, date TBD, regarding layover River Road and Maybank Highway. Goal is to learn more of the public’s opinion to future development.  WLPC plans to contact the county about having more “DEER” warning signs placed on Maybank Hwy. Johns Island High Principal Larson has reached out regarding mentoring St Johns High Students. Community interaction to encourage students would be much appreciated to support the struggling school.

Fire Department January Calls Record:

Johns Island 125

Kiawah 32

Seabrook 22

Wadmalaw 22

Fifteen smoke detectors have also been installed on Wadmalaw.  Mayor enlightened Council on the fact that the Fire Department budget is based on the number of visits/calls, which causes issues with traffic management, as more than necessary responders seem to be the norm.  Mayor asked if WLPC might consider a visit to local FD to express the safety/ traffic concerns that the usual procedure for responding seems to create. Henry Holst plans to attend a near future meeting to open lines of communication on this topic.

Boltons have purchased land past Tree Farm and have built 4 rental cottages.  The county is only allowing them to rent the cottages 72 times/days a year.  They have planned a meet and great for March 3 for the community to see what they have going on there.

John Rowe with Habitat for Humanity has applications for house repairs for those in need.


Plan to rejoin MASC to have their Insurance available to the Town.  Council agrees to allow expenditure.  Mayor is pursuing the Insurance details.

Sled investigation into prior Clerk is still on going. Records are still being acquired.

Container Ordinance to be put in written form with cover letter and sent to Planning to await their recommendation. One year limit to be added to proposal on containers and PODS. Scripted to avoid loopholes to have people remove/ return such containers immediately to start the time over.

Website is ready. Committee Members emails and contacts as well as descriptions to be added. Can preview at  Question and Answer/FAQ section also to be included.

Charleston Green to start with holes in front of Joanie’s House ASAP.


Jackie Clark has had too many Real Estate signs. Code enforcement approached her and she maintains she owns 2 lots.  Pending issue with regards to whether she has surrendered her lot lines.

Adams House is wasting and is a serious safety hazard.  The Town has asked County to condemn the home.  The home is on Historic Register which prevents the County from Condemning the structure. To move forward the Town may be able to condemn based on neglect.   Mayor to look into issue further.

The constant barking dog has raised issue that Rockville does not have a noise ordinance.  There is such a thing as a Civil Nuisance Law that may help.  County code and County enforced.

Cherry Point Road and Boy Scout Road to be added to road clean up. Incentivize the kids of the Town with recognition and rewards.



  1.  Adams home
  2. Trash Pickup effort.

Motion to adjourn 7:52. Seconded by Frank Thornhill.

Notice of Meeting: In accordance with the SC Code of Laws, 1976, Section 30-4-80(d), as amended, notification of the time, date and place of this meeting has been met via the Rockville Website and/or King’s Grocery Store Bulletin Board. The agenda was posted on the website and King’s Grocery Store Bulletin Board prior to the meeting.

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