PRESENT: Mayor Council: Riley Bradham, Frank Thornhill, Allen Holmes, Zach Nelson, Henry Holst and Town Clerk Colleen Key

ABSENT:  Allen Holmes

Meeting called to order 7:05 with pledge.

Other Present: Whit Smith and Chip Linton

Mayor motioned to accept prior Meeting Minutes. Seconded by Zach Nelson.  Unanimously approved.


FINANCIAL REPORT as of 11/30/2019

                                                                             PREVIOUS Ending $                            CURRENT Ending $

Wells Fargo Checking                                               $50,320.26                                  $49,816.59

S.C. Local Government Investment Pool              239,536.73                                  $ 239,915.33



  1. Planning absent.  No one reporting.
  2. BZA absent.  No one reporting.
  3. Code Enforcement.  No one reporting.
  4. DRB: Chip Linton reporting.  DRB has discussed issues with walking path and creating an easement on waterfront. Town could draft this easement with permission/agreement of all residents. Survey might be necessary to formally define.
  5. WLPC.  Henry Holst reporting.  Elections were held at last meeting. 14 people volunteered to be on the board, and 8 were chosen to fill 8 vacancies.


Mayor filed Debt Report.  The Town owes $0.00!

Mayor suggests adding Resolutions Section to Webpage to announce Resolutions made by the Town. Clerk to contact Click to set up.

Signage for Town regarding traffic/ tractor trailers discussed. Barrier at end of Maybank.  Sign needed on Harts Rd. Local deliveries only and tractor trailers should be directed to only turn around Rockland.  Tractor trailers possibly prohibited past S. Rockland. State has such signage.  DOT would need an encroachment permit to install.


Road is bad shape again. Rockland especially needs dirt and to be dragged/box bladed. Mayor is still in contact with the County to plan to get on their schedule for major repairs.

Mysterious road cone disappearance and reappearance has Town Council baffled! Mayor suggests GPS chip or bolt the cone to the speed hump?

Planning Commission currently is Mary Ann Cates, Melanie Thornhill, Jason Kronsberg, Jimmy Folk and Herbie Stokes.  Jimmy has offered to be new Chair.  Once he is officially elected, Planning can review the pending Container Ordinance. 

The Town is currently facing several Preservation Issues.

  1. Sea buoy. Rotting/rusting – Warren Lash Labs has been contacted to find out options for a coating.
  2. Old Red Store.  Current owners have expressed interest in preserving the store but hope the Town could assist financially. Options to help include having the Historical Society take a protective Conservation Easement, or the Town itself or the current owners could procure a Grant?
  3. Adams House.  At this point, it is quite dangerous.  If a plan is not made soon by current homeowners, the Town will consider following through with having the structure condemned. A scenario involving official Condemnation would demand, that within 30 days, the owners would have to come up with an Abatement Plan. County will not condemn the property because it is on the Historic Register. The Town would need to develop a Condemnation Program with criteria clearly stated and the authority clearly codified with a procedural format. 


  1. Rockland maintenance ASAP.

Motion to adjourn 8:03. Seconded by Zach Nelson.


Notice of Meeting: In accordance with the SC Code of Laws, 1976, Section 30-4-80(d), as amended, notification of the time, date and place of this meeting has been met via the Rockville Website and/or King’s Grocery Store Bulletin Board. The agenda was posted on the website and King’s Grocery Store Bulletin Board prior to the meeting.

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