PRESENT: Mayor Council: Riley Bradham, Zach Nelson, Henry Holst, Frank Thornhill, Allen Holmes and Town Clerk Colleen Key

Meeting called to order 7:05

Other Present: Whit Smith

Mayor reviewed previous meeting’s Minutes, motioned to pass.  Zach Nelson seconded.

Special Meeting:  Attended by Mayor, Frank Thornhill and Zach Nelson. Discussion of temporary road repair from Maybank to Church.  Work has been completed by Palmetto Clearing and Grading for the cost of $4500.00.  Council also voted to reserve $15,000 from the Town’s operating funds for future road repair. Minor repairs for Harts Rd. SIYC Rd and Rockland will need more extensive work. Goal involves the County repairing the roads at no cost; however, the Town cannot request repairs until July 2020. Therefore, an economical temporary fix would be the best short term plan. Town will endeavor to find a Contractor to bid on repairs/maintenance.  Early estimates indicate 40 +/- dump truck loads are needed to crown the roads.  Alternatively, should the Town buy the necessary equipment and hire someone to maintain the roads? Research needed to explore this option.


FINANCIAL REPORT as of 10/30/2019

                                                                             PREVIOUS Ending $                            CURRENT Ending $

Wells Fargo Checking                                               $ 69,274.48                                  $55.519.86

S.C. Local Government Investment Pool               $239,114.56                               $239,536.72


The Town would like to welcome Mr. Wilson and Ms. Bentz as they have just purchased homes in Rockville. 


  1. DRB: No one reporting.
  2. Planning absent.  No one reporting.
  3. BZA absent.  No one reporting.
  4. WLPC:  Henry Holst representing. Bolt’s STR permit has been revoked based on evidence that they have exceeded the 72 night rental maximum requirement. 


BZA has been reduced from 5 to 3 members.  Keith Luckie is potential 3rd member. Mayor Motions Keith Luckie, a domiciliary of The Town, be accepted as a nominee.  Henry Holst seconded.  Unanimously approved.

Planning is required by law, to maintain 5 members. One person is needed to fill 5th spot, and it seems as if very soon an additional person is needed. Mayor motions to nominate Melanie Thornhill.  Zach Nelson seconded.  Unanimously approved.

DRB can have 3 up to 12 members. 5 members now.  2 new members needed to fill soon vacated spots. Mayor motions to nominate Polly Kronsberg and Whit Smith.  Frank Thornhill seconded.  Unanimously approved.

Mayor motions to appoint/reappoint the following persons to Town Committees:

BZA-Ed Lipfert, Charlotte Coleman and Keith Luckie

Planning-Herbie Stokes, Jimmy Folk, Jason Kronsberg, Mary Ann Cates and Melanie Thornhill

DRB- Chip Linton, Kristi Nelson, Linda Folk, Polly Kronsberg and Whit Smith

Henry Holst seconded.  Unanimously approved.

East Coast Seafood, LLC is in negotiations with the Wadmalaw Revolving Trust and The
Town to curtail commercial development and prohibit a marina being built with the use of a Covenant.  Timeline keeps getting extended as the parameters of the plan narrow.

New Business:

Complaints (3) have been made about a function at The Ambrose Home. Traffic, parking and noise were an issue.  Permit required for groups over 100? Law states that the County is responsible for controlling if roads are impassable or noise is an issue. A report must be filed with police. The Town has tried to maintain a neutral policy.  There is not an ordinance currently.  Residents should rely on County to handle such issues.

Henry Holst as placed Work Order to install stop signs that are missing in the Town.


  1. Obtain Quotes for road repair/maintenance. Consider equipment purchase.

Motion to adjourn 8:03. Seconded by Frank Thornhill.

Notice of Meeting: In accordance with the SC Code of Laws, 1976, Section 30-4-80(d), as amended, notification of the time, date and place of this meeting has been met via the Rockville Website and/or King’s Grocery Store Bulletin Board. The agenda was posted on the website and King’s Grocery Store Bulletin Board prior to the meeting.

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