PRESENT: Mayor Council: Riley Bradham, Henry Holst, Judy Suggs, Frank Thornhill, David Dunn and Town Clerk Colleen Key


Meeting called to order at 7:00

Others Present: Melanie Thornhill, Linda Folk, Preston Wilson and Joel Evans from Charleston County

No changes to agenda. No time requested.

Mayor motions to approve prior Meeting Minutes. Seconded by Henry Holst. Unanimously approved.


FINANCIAL REPORT as of 4/30/2022

                                                                             PREVIOUS Ending $                  CURRENT Ending $

Wells Fargo Checking                                               $39,778.11                        $47,843.96

S.C. Local Government Investment Pool              $287,822.04                      $287,945.62

NOTE: A virtual $10,000 is held aside for disaster clean up


Mayor comments that the Adams residence has a buyer and is under contract.

Henry Holst has been added as a check signer to the Town bank account.

NEU/COVID funds will require yearly reporting to the Federal Government on their web portal


  1. BZA:  No one reporting.
  2. Code Enforcement: No one reporting
  3. DRB: Preston Wilson – The DRB has discussed hiring third party to take DRB minutes which may be subsidized by the Town. Having Town Clerk do so  was suggested, but was determined to be a conflict of interest as DRB is a quasi-judicial body. Special meeting will be held to determine budget/salary.
  4. Planning:  Melanie Thornhill – Planning would like to share a secretary with DRB. Planning also is submitting minutes of April 6 meeting regarding Comprehensive Plan.  Please see New Business for synopsis. 
  5. WILPC: Henry Holst – Recently hosted a BBQ as thanks for road clean up.  About 70 attendees. A special plaque was given to Pat Kohler who has been picking up trash for years since moving here in 1981, and actually started the Keep Wadmalaw Beautiful trash collecting. The group is currently seeking volunteers.  Boyscout and Roseville Rd. are being added to the route.  Additional comment – Johns Island old BEC building lease fell through.

New Business:

DRB needs to utilize the services of an independent third-party secretary to take minutes. Henry Holst questions the willingness of the other members to accept this idea? Preston Wilson confirms that all members agreed if the Town will indeed finance the endeavor. Frank Thornhill motions to give the authority to afford DRB and Planning the ability to hire a 1099 contractor to take their minutes. Seconded by Judy Suggs.  Unanimously approved

Grace Chapel Rd. – Large tree roots are exposed and is in need of fill in. Town needs to verify if repairs will infrnge on the Smith’s property and will have CDH Tree Service repair once approved. Additionally, Grace Chapel Road signs and Crime Watch sign needs to be cleaned up or replaced. Henry Holst to follow up.

Old Business: 

Comprehensive Plan – Mayor summarizes for Council the minutes from the Planning meeting where they discussed changes to the Comprehensive Plan before approval. The meeting was attended by Melanie Thornhill, Jason Kronsberg and Jimmy Folk. 


  1. Population Element – does this information need to be updated based on current census?
  2. Page 15 – typo noted, and the word Board needs to be added to Design Review.
  3. Economic Development – needs to reflect that the Store is open and not closed as listed.
  4. Natural Resources – currently Rockville does not have No Wake Zones to increase the enforcement of.
  5. Transportation – Implementation Strategy and Time Frame
  6. Work with the State and County for road improvements.
  7. Dirt roads should be preserved to maintain the rural character of the Town. Board Member Folk voices concerns regarding the wording of the transportation element and believe that the planning of any future commercial transportation should not be entertained.

Regarding census updates – Joel Evans recommends checking with the Council of Governments. Henry Holst to follow up.

Mayor will create Cover Letter to address the typos and Store update. Mayor comments that the Town No Wake Zone Application has been delayed. The Town has requested an investigation by the DNR in an effort to make Rockville a No Wake Zone. 

Planning will adopt the proposed Comprehensive Plan once the above issues are addressed per Planning representative Melanie Thornhill. Henry Holst motions to accept Planning recommendations. Mayor seconded. Unanimously approved. Once issues are resolved Town will run ad for Readings along with previously discussed Animal Ordinance.

Short Term Rental Policy – Joel Evans as advisor from the County – STR Rules were adopted in 2018. STR is defined by the County as 29 days or less.

Three-Tiered Plan:

  1. Rent as owner occupied for up to 72 days with all qualifications satisfied. Owner occupied meets primary residence status (4% tax)
  2.  144 days per year – not owner occupied – must have public hearing with Board of Zoning appeals for approval. 
  3. Commercial Properties – 365 days

Mayor comments, in review, that the Town could adopt/mimic the County Plan with some of the details changed. Certain homeowners may be grandfathered in. The County used an amortization schedule in the instance of the property owners who were renting prior to STR rules being implemented. They had a 5-year window to comply or seek an exception through the Board of Zoning Appeals. Joel Evans to send Town a template to work on and make changes.

Town Training – Training is now free and online. Joel Evans suggests getting email addresses for those who need training to Jenny Werking who will send links for the necessary training. Recertification is 3 hours and new certification is 6. Linda Folk question for Joel Evans: Once completed, board members are to give verification to the Town? Joel Evans confirms. New members will need to register with the County.  Linda Folk turned in her and Mr. Folk certifications. All DRB should be certified by end of the month.

Road Repair – Henry Holst comments on progress of future road repairs for 600-700 ft of SIYC Rd. from the church to Maybank which entails having the road leveled, graded, and crowned and to install a 15 ft apron at Maybank.


Howell and Simmons: $24,650 for apron and dirt work

All Green: Dirt work – $47,500  / Concrete apron $2500

Palmetto Tractor Service – $157,500

Charleston Green – needs to rebid

Frank Thornhill notes that procuring quality material is extremely important.

Mayor and David Suggs think a concrete apron is not a good idea. Out of character for the road. Asphalt is preferred.

Mayor suggests another onsite meeting with Howell and Simmons and ask for a detailed contract.  Henry to follow up.

Permission has been given by Henrietta Welcher to reroute traffic, during construction, through their lot.

Mayor motioned to adjourn at 8:20. Seconded by Frank Thornhill.

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