PRESENT: Mayor Council: Riley Bradham, Allen Holmes, Zach Nelson, Henry Holst and Town Clerk Colleen Key

ABSENT:  Frank Thornhill

Meeting called to order 7:00 with pledge.

Other Present: Whit Smith

Mayor motioned to accept prior Meeting Minutes. Seconded by Henry Holst.  Unanimously approved.


FINANCIAL REPORT as of 12/30/2019

                                                                             PREVIOUS Ending $                            CURRENT Ending $

Wells Fargo Checking                                               $49,816.59                                           $50,633.66

S.C. Local Government Investment Pool              $ 239,915.33                                        $240,290.77



  1. Planning:  Whit Smith present.  Planning has not met.
  2. BZA absent.  No one reporting.
  3. Code Enforcement.  No one reporting.
  4. DRB absent. No one reporting.
  5. WLPC: Henry Holst reporting.

Education – plan to build a new Elementary School on Johns Island.  Edith Frierson School has new Library with an Open House planned for January 22, 8 AM to 10 AM.

Bolt Tree House – Appeal hearing for revocation of the STR has been rescheduled from February 3 and is now February 24 at 4 PM at the Lonnie Hamilton Building. Please check Charleston County schedule to confirm. WILPC to write letter and read at meeting to indicate that the Committee agrees with Charleston County Planning’s decision to deny the appeal.

Dirt Pit – Survey still underway.

Chili Cook Off raised $3500.00 toward new roof at the Community Center. Another $1000 was also donated. Mayor motioned for Town to contribute $200 for the refurbishment of the Community Center Roof.  Henry Holst to deliver.  Zach Nelson seconded.  Unanimously approved.

Election Results from last month:

Chairman – John Taylor

Vice Chairman – Burrow Hill

Secretary – Grace Johnson

Greg Cushing

Thomas Hainich

Leroy Linen

Shelia Middleton

Jennie Rivers


Whit Smith reported on progress of having his plans to raise his house approved. A meeting is set with County Planning to determine exactly what is needed to move forward. Builder is ready to get started. Staging potentially to be held the old store and material delivery does not seem to be an issue. Whit will advise as to start date.  Duration of project approximately 8 weeks.

Mayor has been contacted by several Developers regarding the future for developing the Town of Rockville.  To be noted that this is much more than the usual once a month inquiry.  Town does a good job vetting such questions and handling politely and gently. Frequency of calls increase maybe due to the Tea Plantation (80,000 visitors last year), Bolt Tree Farm advertising and a general increase in development in the area?


New Insurance for the Town still on going.  Potential new carrier still waiting on Loss Runs from current carrier.

Road repair application for Harts, Rockland and SIYC Roads has been completed.  Such refurbishment falls under the County 1% Road Tax. Town will be notified in June, with work to possibly commence in August. Daniel Hatchell is currently helping with the maintenance and has worked on Harts and Rockland.  $600 owed for work completed to date. Pine straw and leaves must be removed from road to continue work/improvements.  Dirt will be brought in as needed. Scott Tallent also consulting on the project.  Comcast line was damaged during recent work.  Contractor to handle contacting Comcast for repairs.  Residents should be aware of exposed Utility Line on South Rockland.

Comprehensive Plan for Town of Rockville must be adopted every 10 years.  Planning to review and make recommendations. Once accepted, goes through Ordinance processes.

No change with East Coast Seafood.  Renegotiating covenant to protect land still ongoing between ECS, Wadmalaw Island Revolving Trust and the Town.


  1. Comprehensive Plan to Planning
  2. Status update on ECS situation.
  3. Stop sign at end of Maybank
  4. Waterfront easement.  Consult with Town Attorney

Motion to adjourn 8:00. Seconded by Zach Nelson.

Notice of Meeting: In accordance with the SC Code of Laws, 1976, Section 30-4-80(d), as amended, notification of the time, date and place of this meeting has been met via the Rockville Website and/or King’s Grocery Store Bulletin Board. The agenda was posted on the website and King’s Grocery Store Bulletin Board prior to the meeting.

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